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SCANDAL has just announced a World Tour 2015, titled「HELLO WORLD」. This is announced along with a new single,「Image」as well as a new album, 「HELLO WORLD」(To keep things neat, further information for the single and album will be on a separate post.)

Starting 24th January to 19th April 2015, SCANDAL will embark on their nationwide World Tour in Japan. They will hit 28 places with a total of 31 live performances, before they are due to visit France, United Kingdom, Taiwan, USA and Hong Kong.

Below is the translation for the above ‘Extra News’ article →

World Tour With The Greatest Number of Performances In SCANDAL’s History Confirmed!! From January 2015 onwards, An Estimate Of 70,000 People To Be Involved in Japan • Europe • America • Asia!!

This was announced by the members on 28th September (Sun) at the Dojima River Forum’s SCANDAL LIVE HOUSE “10 DAYS”「Kyu ni Kitemoratte Gomen. 2014~Shinkyoku Yaru Kara Kiiteyo~」. This has surprised the fans and media involved.

On June this year, this is the second goal for the girls band who had come to have their second performance at the Osaka-Jo Hall. They were touched by the 2DAYS performance at the Yokohama Arena, as the first girl band to perform there in 23 years. They, SCANDAL, are a girls band whose existence drew attention and are watched by many.

On this time’s SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015「HELLO WORLD」, SCANDAL will have the greatest amount of performances given in history, a nationwide hall tour with 31 performances, as well as their first ever solo World Tour in France • United Kingdom • America • Hong Kong • Taiwan. Surrounding these 5 countries, this tour involving a total of approximately 70,000 people will be realised. SCANDAL, in year 2008 before their debut, have done a tour in 6 western cities, as well as an Asia tour in year 2011 • year 2013, and are highly popular overseas. Following the heated wishes by the fans of each country, they will take a leap with this World Tour.

Earlier, once again, from the first-time performances of songs at this time’s 10DAYS live, the song「Image」, which has been well-received at the venue has been confirmed a release on 19th November (Wed) as the memorable 20th single!

Adding on, it has been decided that a new album,「HELLO WORLD」will also be released on 3rd December (Wed). The new album will revolve about the World tour.

Not just in Japan but also on the stages overseas, we still have yet to see SCANDAL’s power!

Pre-sales for the tour will begin via SCANDAL MANIA from 9th October (Thu), 12PM (JST) onwards.

SCANDAL Official WORLD TOUR 2015「HELLO WORLD」site HERE, article translation by fyscandalband. Kindly click the official site for the complete tour dates and venues in Japan. (For the Japanese-only site, it is HERE) Additional: HD wallpaper of SCANDAL’s new HELLO WORLD promo picture HERE.*

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SCANDAL IN FRANCE <33333333333 omfg happy i am

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